Monday, July 29, 2013

A gem just up the road: Post office becomes jewelry boutique.

I love to see empty buildings repurposed, particularly when original craftsmanship is preserved and blended nicely with classy, yet folksy, aesthetic taste.  Such is the case with the old country store/post office in Dubre, Kentucky.  If you travel about three miles west of Marrowbone on Highway 90, you'll find the new home of Silver Chest Creations, a jewelry boutique owned and operated by Melissa Anderson.  Although Melissa, along with Maria Jeffries, has been converting old silverware into unique, handcrafted jewelry for several years (selling at Styles Salon, Country Peddler, and trade shows around the country), this is the first store front in Cumberland County for the business. Trust me, you're going to want to go visit; in the meantime, however, here's a sneak peak inside. 
Turn right across from Leatherwood Road onto Dubre Post Office Road.
They have done an amazing job of both restoring and renovating.
They are open Monday-Wednesday, 9-5.
Such a homey atmosphere
I love that they kept the original lettering.
Barrettes, keychains, and charms made from silverware handles
Such an eclectic mix of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and household items.
What a great idea for old knife handles. Bottle of wine + one of these = great hostess gift.
The labels were used in the old country store.  What a cute idea.
Table restored from the old country store
Such an eye for decorating
Relics from the old store
If you want to design your own piece, you can pick from their stock or bring in family silverware.
I love this piece. Tin from the old roof is used on the inside.
The old wood floors and display cabinets remind me of being in the old post office.
Look, Ben Ashby! FOLK displayed on the center farmhouse table!
Tin from the old roof again refurbished/repurposed.
I love this idea.
Silver, the stray cat, who found a safe home for her and her kittens:)
The next time you find yourself in Marrowbone, venture on out to Silver Chest Creations.  They are open Monday-Wednesday, 9-5 (although you can place orders online anytime). Remember, you can bring in your family heirlooms and Melissa and staff will help you design the perfect piece for gift or keepsake.  Melissa is also open to hosting jewelry parties (how fun would that be for a bachelorette or birthday party?) if you have a group interested in coming.
Take the time to stop in and explore. You're going to love it.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy birthday, sis.

The bond fostered by sisterhood, cultivated in the early 80s by an inexplicable love of Bret Michaels, "Don't Mess With My Toot Toot," and American Bandstand dance-offs, and cemented in our early teen years by White Rain hairspray and the Pontiac 6000 truly is a treasure in my life.
Leigh Ann, I wanted to be as cool as you from as young as I can remember.  Having met and surpassed that standard;), I now hope to one day be half the mother you prove yourself to be everyday. Thank you for inspiring me to be better. Thank you for making me feel hopeful. Thank you for giving us Isabella. Thank you for adding such depth and laughter and fun to my life. 

Happy birthday, Leigh. My wish for you: nothin' but a good time.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin.'

I used to think "Single Ladies" would be the obvious choice for "flash mob library staff video reenactment day," (which WILL happen at some point) but I've changed my mind. 

In the words of the storied philosopher Tim McGraw, "it's the ending of an era, and the turning of a page"...

Goodbye, dear friend. Thank you for forgiving me for the shorty-shorts, bath robes, and dresses with which you have been paired. You've been good to me.

A current fascination...

Current fascination #2...
Excerpts from Anne Lamott's, Help, Thanks, Wow

“Let’s not get bogged down on whom or what we pray to. Let’s just say prayer is communication from our hearts to the great mystery, or Goodness, or Howard; to the animating energy of love we are sometimes bold enough to believe in; to something imaginably big, and not us. We could call this for Not Me, and Not Preachers Onstage with a Choir of 800. Or for convenience we could just say “God.”” 2-3

“Prayer is talking to something or anything with which we seek union, even if we are bitter or insane or broken.” 5

“Prayer is us – humans merely being, as e.e. Cummings put it – reaching out to something having to do with the eternal, with vitality, intelligence, kindness, even when we are at our most utterly doomed and skeptical.” 6

“I also know that life can be devastating, and it’s still okay to be pissed off at God.” 14

“We and life are spectacularly flawed and complex. Often we do not get our way, which I hate, hate, hate. But in my saner moments I remember that if we did, usually we would shortchange ourselves.” 45

“So I prayed: ‘Help me not be such an ass.’” 67

“I pray not to be such a whiny, self-obsessed baby, and give thanks that I am not quite as bad as I used to be (talk about miracles).” 95

“You’ve heard it said that when all else fails, follow instructions. So we breathe, try to slow down and pay attention, try to love and help God’s other children, and – hardest of all, at least to me – learn to love our depressing, hilarious, mostly decent selves. We get thirsty people water, read to the very young and old, and listen to the sad. We pick up litter and try to leave the world a slightly better place for our stay here.” 101

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I can think of no better reason to reemerge.... Happy 4th birthday, Isabella Kurtys!

A turquoise tutu has never been worn so well,
Unsurprising from the little girl to which all others pale.
You see, in orange library t-shirts and not-exactly-classy hot pink clogs,
She remains the penultimate trendsetter, the muse of the birthday blog. 

It stands to reason, therefore, that the party day would be no exception.
Leis, crowns, cowboy hats, all embraced with confident reception.
“Too much?” Scoff. Let’s add that Rapunzel hair too,
For birthdays are a time for whimsy, cake pops, and Diet Mt. Dews.

More Disney princess than diva, however, on her special day,
She shared the spotlight with a much-anticipated little sister on the way.
And this, a spirited confidence nurtured by an unselfish heart,
is the quality I’m most proud of, the one that truly sets her apart.

You see, Isabella is a bit of an anomaly, a rare gem in the world of rowdy kids.
She offers a “please” and “thank you” when “fresh cold milk” flows from sippy cup lids.
She asks “How was your day?” with a gap-toothed smile both genuine and wide,
And loves her gymnastics teacher, Danielle, as much as any chauffeured Turner Farm gator ride. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, Isabella Morgan can be quite the tom tooter,
Occasionally earning a spanking when things don’t exactly suit her.
But these instances are rare and maybe even unfathomable to the common viewer,
She’s a charmer, an angel, a little girl enjoying life on a pink, knee-scabbing scooter. 

Isabella loves her house, her cat Gilbert, and her family with her whole heart,
She plays dress-up and “pretend,” her mom readily accepting any assigned part.
She simply embraces each day, having fun no matter where she goes,
And in that spirit, I find inspiration, reasons to reconsider any perceived lows.

So, thank you, thank you, my beloved-beyond-measure birthday girl,
You remind me to see goodness and just give life a whirl.
Every day is better because you live 2.5 miles down the road,
And knowing I get to be your aunt truly lightens every load.

You’re the best, missy miss. We love you to the moon and back.
Liza, Lucy, Willie, Charley, DC, Wendell, Gray, Autumn, Jane, Emma, Blackie, Socks, Callie, Sweet Pea, + 6 kittens