Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A few redeeming February moments...

Things I have loved this particular February...
Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show. Paul Rudd joins him for a lip sync battle.  If you don't like this, quit reading my blog.

This literally entertained me for about an hour one morning.  It made me want to go buy some goats and a sheet of flexible steel ribbon.

This reminded me how happy I am that I chose Centre.  If I have kids, I hope, beyond measure, they take the same path and ultimately find themselves in classes such as these. ... Or spend three weeks in Kingston, Jamaica studying at the University of the West Indies, eating lobster prepared by Bamboo Bobby on his makeshift beach grill, and drinking more Red Stripes in a 21 day period than they will the rest of their lives. ... Or snickering with their roommate and best friend who has also decided to wear a belly chain in the middle of January to their "Alcohol & Society" lecture. Purely hypothetical...their momma was far too classy to do stuff like that.
Something I love about every February...
I honestly don't care one way or the other about my own birthday, but I really enjoy celebrating those of the people I care about.  And while each family member below is certainly worthy of his/her own post AND the potentially "cold" format of a social media site might suggest insincerity, my affection and respect for each of those spotlighted could not possibly be more genuine. Thank you, February, for producing such people of substance.

February 27 - The best person I have ever known.  I mean that.

February 24 - The best former student I could have ever picked to set up with my sister.  

February 18 - The best friend I will ever have. 

February 15 - One of the best fathers I will ever know.

February 14 - The best (and only) protector I'll ever need. 
"But February is an acquired taste. February used to be the month I paid the least attention to, except as inspiration to plan a long road trip as far away as possible. Now that I've acquired the habit of staying put, February is the month that keeps me closest to home, feasting on the memories of travel and news of my neighbors." - Vivian Swift, When Wanderers Cease to Roam 

I'm grateful for the cinnamon toast and coffee I like to have in the mornings in front of the fireplace.  I'm grateful to know the people whose birthdays I celebrate. I'm grateful for memories of Jamaica and belly chains. I'm grateful for books that keep me occupied on snow days. I'm grateful that February is growing on me, too.