Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Fishin' in the Dark" would be my second choice.

In the last post, I mentioned this article, "18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For Again." I don't know why "18" was picked. I somewhat question the use of "Again" in the title; I'm not sure a few of the list-toppers have ever been commonplace. Several make me feel guilty because I know I should be doing them, but aren't (ex. "making phone calls to relatives" and "answering things in a timely fashion").  Nevertheless, I'm so glad Zach posted this on my Facebook page. I love that even today, some three weeks or so after I read it, I can still name most that are on the list.  I love that the author mentioned "getting dressed up for no reason" and "cooking a nice meal for the sake of doing so." I love that it inspired me to come up with my own list...

25 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For...in my humble opinion:
1. Watch your favorite movies.
In the past two weeks, I've enjoyed Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, and The Great Debaters.

2. Ask your grandparents questions.
Don't go for open-ended questions like "What's one of your favorite memories from childhood?" No one likes that kind of on-the-spot question. Stay simple: What was one of your favorite toys growing up? What was Dad's favorite food when he was little? What was your first job?

3. Make to-do lists. Keep them handy.
The time it takes to sit down and write out your list will be much less than the time you spend looking befuddled in a parking lot and wondering why you just drove to the Dollar Store.

4. Do pranks on co-workers.
Don't waste a lot of time doing it, but do it nevertheless. Why? Because it's fun.

5. Tell people you like an accessory they're wearing (earrings, socks, scarf, etc).
Sometimes we throw on whatever clothes are handy/clean/required, but we tend to purposely choose accessories that we think "look like us" or make us happy. It's nice when people see us the way we see ourselves or comment on things that we think reflect our most authentic selves.

6. Get a library card!
Because reading something every day makes you better. In every way.

7. Really pet and love on your animals.
Our animals are more devoted to us than nearly every human in our lives.  They don't stay mad at us when we've been jerks. They are always excited to see us pull in the driveway.  Don't take them for granted. Obligatory pats or head scratches are not good enough.

8. Tell people why you respect them.
Of course it's nice to let people know you appreciate them, think they're funny, and/or enjoy their company.  Respect, however, is hard to earn and much harder to keep.  Those who are able to do so, deserve to know.

9. Read something in the news that really doesn't interest you.
Every morning, I pick out at least one article on the Huffington Post that I really can't relate to or have very little interest in. Why? Because it's good to learn something. It's good to be disciplined. It's good to do things that you really don't want to do.

10. Make your own breads, pie crusts, pizza crusts.
It's not hard. It's cheap. You'll know what's actually in it.  You'll be more inspired to then make pies, pizzas, and actual meals.

11. Plan weekly menus.
You'll be less inclined to buy crap you will not use.  You'll save money. You feel more organized when you walk in from work and are hungry.

Anything...cards, poems, gratitude jar entries, diaries, blogs, quotes on chalkboards.

13. Make your house "look like you."
If you don't smile when you look around your house, change some things. Pottery Barn is nice, but it does not speak of a life well-lived.

14. Have coffee/tee/cocoa in the afternoons.
In a favorite mug.

15. Think about one good part of your day before you go to bed.
Go to sleep with a grateful heart.

16. Figure out what song you think would be the perfect flash mob song.  Ponder scenarios in which you could make said flash mob happen.

17. Take a small gift to someone.
Suggestions: a good pen and cute notepad, a bag of their favorite candy, a gift certificate for a Blizzard.

18. Tell people "thank you" even if it's "their job" to do the task in question. More generally speaking, don't be shy with long overdue "thank you"s.

19. Dream. Imagine possibilities. Give yourself a chance.
We are typically too quick to belittle or question ourselves. Don't settle for what is; always have "what could be" in the back of your mind. This doesn't mean, of course, that it's okay to take what you have for granted. It is simply a reminder to stay inspired.

20. Make something prettier than it was.
Paint something, clean something, add flowers, tie a ribbon.

21. Write down a few things that scare you or that you don't understand.
Do a few. Educate yourself.

22. Write down your weaknesses and/or times when you've messed up.
When you get frustrated with someone else, remember this list. 

23. Pick up litter.
"Someone else will get it" is dumb. 

24. Park farther away than you have to.
We could all stand to be a little less lazy.

25. Make your own list of things you want to make more time for.
I know "classy" isn't the word most would use to describe my house.  I'm completely aware that I will have to eat my words about Mom's house having stuff everywhere.  I'm fairly certain that if one were to put something down in my house, there's a good chance it could go undiscovered for years.  But...I like that it reminds me of my friends and family. I like that there are books and handmade projects and art all over the place.  I like that, at least to me, it reflects a life well lived.


The pizza crust recipe I like to use...
My flash mob song and another one of my favorite movies...