Monday, July 28, 2014

Goodbye, friends.

Because you know how I love haikus...
It has run its course.
Thus, with one last post, goodbye.
Sad, but time for change.

When I started Pillow Book over four years ago, my goal was to create a digital version of Vivian Swift’s illustrated travel journal, When Wanderers Cease to Roam.  I wanted it to be my own journal of staying put, a journal that detailed the quirky and beautiful that existed in my very ordinary daily life, a life that I was rather unexpectedly rebuilding in my hometown at the age of 29. I had hoped it would “reconnect me to the beauty I’ve been missing” and inspire this disengaged graduate student to actually enjoy writing again.

Well, I feel like I have basically accomplished those things. You have heard me philosophize/blabber on and on about my family, heartbreak of all sorts, collective joy, awesome v. not awesome lists, local restaurants and go-to recipes, my undying devotion to the Avett Brothers, personal insecurities, my love of all things whimsical, my distrust of false hope and unsubstantiated fluff phrases and technology and people who don’t return shopping carts to the collection bins, and my desire to see this wonderful little southern Kentucky town be a real-life version of Stars Hollow.  You have offered thoughtful comments and hilarious Facebook quips. Many of you have put me to shame with your guest posts, posts that always reminded me how fortunate I am to be dumber than my friends.  You have inspired me to write and think and read more.  You have reminded me that while perhaps different in hue, we are all basically fighting the same battles. You have helped me embrace happiness in simplicity. You have encouraged me to live a more creative and a more engaged life.  You, and this blog space, have kept me sane and kept this perpetual wanderer from roaming.  

Thank you for sharing the past four years with me.  You all deserve a spot in my gratitude jar.

Now, lets go write a book.J
Time for new adventures...:)