Friday, February 26, 2010

Dirty Dancing at My Best Friend's Wedding

Scoff if you'd like, but one of my dreams in life is to be part of a seemingly spontaneous song and dance routine in a public place. You know, like in the teen movies where everyone at prom happens to know the same dance (and also look, in their couture dresses, like they are 25 - I, in my dark purple Dillard's Cinderella dress, did, on the other hand, look 17. And really cool.)? Although I can't dance all that well, and have singing abilities that make my dance moves look impressive, I think this would simply be one of the highlights of my life.

An intriguing and thoughtful young man once wrote in his own pillow book: "Recipe for a smile: going for a drive on a beautiful day, eating jellybeans, listening to outlaw country."
My recipe for a smile: these websites...

There are, and will be, unnecessary wars, social and political injustices, environmental degradations, and seemingly irreparable religious conflicts. But, there's also dance and laughter and foolishness. Choose to see the humanity.


  1. Or if the senate spontaneously sang about filibusters. I would love that.

  2. My favorite remains, as you are well aware, Where the Hell is Matt?:

    Always good for a pro-people pick-me-up.