Wednesday, February 1, 2012

News You Can't Use

Keys to a good morning:
Coffee, Chocolate Banana Smoothie in a martini glass, and Willie Geist.

I finished my "Draw a tree everyday in January" project yesterday. I should probably consider becoming a full-time freelance sketcher.

My three favorites:

Lessons I learned:
-I'm not as much of a perfectionist as I thought. I consistently cut myself off at ten minutes, even if the tree looked like crap...and, I was okay with that. I got satisfacation out of little things that I considered to be progress. I simply enjoyed finishing a small project every day; it kept me disciplined.
-Contrary to sketching logic, I preferred using an ink pen (well, this wasn't yo mamma's plastic BIC; this sucker (a gift) was nice).
-I was better when I committed; when I half-assed shadows or texture it just looked silly.
Tomorrow begins a wonderful, wonderful opportunity that I am honored to have the chance to do. I will be teaching two days/week at Centre (I love my job at the library and I'm not going anywhere; this is just a part-time second job in the spring), my Alma mater, the school that made me a better thinker, citizen, and friend. I will be teaching GOV 351: Women and Development (my favorite course I took while a student) for a professor who has influenced more than nearly anyone in my life. Truly humbled.

Here is a description of the course...
"Focusing on both theory and practice, this course provides an overview of the topic of women, gender, and development. We will analyze the cross-cultural understandings of development that have historically and theoretically impacted political, economic, and social policies. We will then examine women’s perspectives on, and participation in, development. This will include such themes as: the nature of women’s work, women’s health and reproductive issues, gender-based violence, legal issues, the effects of structural adjustment on women and families, cultural relativism v. universality, women’s rights as human rights, vernacularization, and environmental issues. We will also study various obstacles to women’s progress and development including the feminization of poverty, inappropriate technology, and cultural/religious norms. Finally, we will turn to ways in which women have organized to improve their condition locally, nationally, and globally in international organizations such as the United Nations, via political office, and through non-governmental organizations."


  1. Good luck with your class- I know it will be a great experience, for you and your students. Be careful driving and let me know how tomorrow goes! :)

  2. Hi Liza. Your trees look great! Hope your new adventure is everything you want it to be. Lucky students.

  3. You inspire me. I want to take the course. You will do a fantastic job, Professor Turner.

    Lots of Love,

  4. Thank you all so, so much. I appreciate your support and your confidence in me:)