Thursday, March 22, 2012

It might seem antiquated, but keep cutting those newspapers: Dad, Papa, and the CCN.

Here are a few reminders why scissors, your local newspaper, and manila storage envelopes will always be more important than digital copies.

Thank you Gramma (Etta Brown Turner, Papa's mother) and Mama (Charlene Turner) for keeping, and passing these along, to Mom and the girls.

Horsin’ Around: Local Teacher, farmer hopes horses will become more than a hobby
Morris Allen Grubbs, August 18, 1983

"Driving through Waterview, KY, six miles west of Burkesville, you may imagine a scene from a Bluegrass Portrait. The setting is rolling pasture land, beautiful mares, frolicking colts and elaborate stables – a scene most of us only dream about. But Curtis Lee Turner is an exception.

The Turner farm is home for some 14 mares, numerous colts, three horses in training and a stud. A newly constructed, contemporary styled barn overlooks the farm providing plenty of room and certain conveniences for the horses. Outside the barn one can see a motorized circular walker for horses in training.

Across the road from the Turner residence is the location of perhaps the most eye catching and exciting part of the farm. This is the Turner training track, complete with starting gates and seats (bales of hay) for the curious. The track stretches a quarter of a mile down and around the creek-bordered field. Passersby on Hwy. 90 find themselves stopping to observe the training.

Although Turner has entered his horses in numerous races, winning in and out of state, racing is not his ultimate goal. Buying thoroughbred mares, breeding and selling them to farms in the west is his wish. Turner says he would like to raise five or six mares of his own and become recognized in the horse breeding circles.

The Turners plan to continue developing a working knowledge of all the aspects of the business. The dedication is apparent throughout the family. Their two young daughters, Leigh Ann and Liza, constantly admire the horses and can sometimes be found helping and encouraging their father.

With school beginning, the Turner farm will be operating primarily in the afternoons and nights as both Turner and his wife, Jackie, teach school. Entering races in Oklahoma is on the schedule, but as for Keeneland and the Kentucky Derby, they’re not sure."

I love this picture of Dad. And yes, he is smoking while spearing tobacco. :)
This was a Production Credit Association spotlight on local farmers. One of my favorite pictures of Dad (which most of you have probably seen on here or Facebook) features Dad sitting on the front porch in a flannel shirt and his PCA hat.
Love his socks in the above, his pants in the below. Farmer, teacher, coach, and trendsetter (Bet Mom had something to do with those pants though; I'm even more confident he had cowboy boots on with them).

He was such a Renaissance Man. In addition to filling all roles previously mentioned, CLT was a good writer, a brilliant storyteller, and an engaging and incredibly smart conversationalist. He just knew a little bit about everything. I wish I had taken the time to learn more from him about the farm, conservation, and nature in general.
Also included in the folder: pictures, report cards, and Dad's baby book. How cute was he?
Not bad, CLT.
Some of his playmates' names may look familiar.
Dad got it naturally...Papa was quite the farmer, entrepreneur, and storyteller himself. I can just hear him excitedly (and repeatedly:)) sharing this one...and imagine him ultimately doing the "right" thing. (If you get a chance, reread the post about the type of man Papa was).
Leon Turner Markets Invention

"Leon Turner of the Marrowbone Valley is more than just an ordinary “chicken farmer.” Today, he’s a full-fledged inventor with patents and manufacturing contracts to prove it.

Mr. Turner has invented a new type of chicken debeaker that will be on the world market soon under the label of “The New Model TT Debeaker,” manufactured by Turner & Lyon of the Lyon Rural Electric Co. of San Diego, California.

Mr. Turner has worked on this invention for several years and has now patented it, not only in this country, but also in England, Germany and Japan. After several conferences with the Lyon Rural Electric Co. of San Diego they reached an agreement in which Mr. Turner will share in the receipts from sales around the world.

During the remainder of this year Mr. Turner will be traveling around the country making demonstrations on the machine. He will be helping in the marketing in this fashion."


  1. Oh MY Liza, how wonderful that you could compile this entry. I found all that in Granmas trunk (where the jewelry was also).
    Anyway you need to make your way to my scrapbooks next as I have all that and more that you will love to read.

  2. Aren't these clippings wonderful? I love reading the articles and looking at the pictures. The ones of him helping coach football were before my time so I can't take credit for his checked pants. Carolyn may have had a hand in that. Thank you for always writing a blog entry that touches my heart.

  3. Oh, Carolyn, I didn't realize you had found them! Please insert your name in the "thank you for keeping" part:). I'd love to look through your scrapbooks sometime. We all need to have a old home video viewing party soon, too. :)

    Thank you, Mom, for inspiring so many of them. I hope I can one day be the mom, wife, and nonna you have been, and are, everyday.