Monday, June 25, 2012

Fireman's pole in 95 degree weather? No problem for the girl in cropped, mud-filled spandex pants.

On Saturday, I traveled to Lebanon, Kentucky to participate in the Warrior Dash, a national running series that combines cross country racing and extreme obstacles (and fuzzy warrior helmets, a lot of mud, beer, and general foolishness). Inspired by Susie Staley and Lance King who completed the Tennessee version last year, I headed northward (without Allen Duvall or the Morgan boys by my side; that's right, poke at them the next time you see them), laced up my rattiest tennis shoes, stood in the shuttle line for an hour and a half, and rode seven miles in a school bus to the actual course (next to a guy in a fake mustache, plastic ear piece, and black t-shirt puff painted to say "Secret Service Agent...Spring Break 2012").

Here's a promotional video for the racing series. Although each course is a little different, this will give you an idea as to what the race requires... You can see the 2012 Lebanon, Kentucky course obstacles here.

"Run" down (See what I did there? Hilarious.)
*I love my warrior helmet and light-weight grey t-shirt with warrior helmet on it.

*Hey, girl in the shuttle line who is about 22 and acting part motherly to the 21 years old standing beside you, part "I'm so cool with my fancy phone, big sunglasses, and tank top I've put my company logo on," stop talking.
*I really like obstacle courses. Most fun challenges: fireman's pole and the wall rope climbs; Toughest: traversing the plank incline and running uneven and hilly terrain in mud-filled shoes that have little tread.

*I will never be able to do any race "just for fun." I may have smiled a time or two, but I took the whole thing far more seriously than I probably should have.

*Firemen stood on top of their trucks and sprayed us with hoses at the end. Fitting.

*This is the kind of event that would be fun with a group of people. Make it an all-day adventure. However, if you like a challenge and are a bit of a loner like me anyway, don't be afraid to do it by yourself. I had an absolute blast.

*Thanks, Turner Farm, for requiring me to throw hay bales from time to time. It was good practice.

*Thank you, nice older gentleman, who let 12 disgusting random strangers pile in the bed of your truck and go seven miles back to the parking area, thus avoiding a 2-hour wait for the shuttle bus.

*Lest you think this is primarily just drinking and shenanigans, it's important to note that each race is also a fundraiser for St. Jude's Hospital.  

*I will definitely do this again.  I ended up finishing 25 out of 877 women in my division and 74 out of 2364 overall.  I'm shooting for top 10 next time.


  1. That's my girl! I love your tenacious spirit. There's no doubt in my mind that next year you will again be a "Warrior" and in the top ten to boot. I think maybe to help in that cause, a shot of Black Jack wouldn't hurt.

  2. That's my mom! Excellent idea, JNT;) You should do it with me next year!
    Thanks for your matter what I get into or decide to do. You really are the best:)