Friday, July 13, 2012

Vickie: "I want to see this finished by Monday." Liza: "Uh, yeah, okay."

You know, I like the idea of being crafty much more than actually being crafty. 

My latest plan: Take my great grandmother's quilt top that I found in my grandmother's attic and do the backing myself.  The ladies at the library convinced me that I - the girl who never took a home ec. class; the girl who once got half-way through a latch hook pony rug and decided to quit; the girl who can only sew a button - could tack it.

So, Vickie kindly went to Wal-Mart with me and I purchased $44 worth of supplies: tan sheet, batting, pins, thread.  Now I just had to get started! Oh yeah! This is going to be fun! And, the ladies in the family will be so proud of me for preserving family history! I am awesome!

Two weeks later...
Number of tacks completed: 6. 
When you're being a complete slacker on one project, what's the most logical thing to do? That's right, start another.

This one I've actually enjoyed though.  I knew there was a reason I always took Dad and Coach Price instead of Mrs. Connie and Mrs. Effie. 

Weekend suggestions:
-If you're in the Nashville area, stop by Parnassus Bookstore and hear Vivian Swift (the author of When Wanderers Cease to Roam) at 2:00 pm on Saturday, July 14.
-Come finish my quilt. 

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