Monday, August 6, 2012

One Lovely Day.

Nothing contemplative today; just some things I'm loving this morning...

1) Seeing my sister so happy.  Her classroom is fun, inviting and crafty cool (including a poster with dancing teeth so she can mark which month her respective Montgomery County first graders lose their first tooth).  Her and Zach's apartment is the perfect "first place," full of personal touches, yet classically streamlined and "real house like" too (it's obvious that two adults live there who enjoy things other than cornhole and drinking). 

She found a guy willing to have a Chopped showdown with her sister, who will tell her when she is getting on his nerves, and who has already fixed her french toast in bed. And he's getting a girl who is confidently herself all the time, who will tell him when he is getting on her nerves, and who knew the life they were building together was more important than staying in the familiar. Good for them. 
Their first place!
He's smiling now.  Wait until Lydia and Adam tell him my appetizer is better.
I told them I was calling bull shit on this though. 
I love the artwork they did together!
2) When I leave a movie confident I just saw something impressive, something that mattered, something that made me feel; and something that I'm still thinking about the next day (even if I have no idea what to think about it). 

3) Independent CD shops that have an "Americana" section.  I love CD Central in Lexington; I still love buying actual CDs; I love the selection I got yesterday: the newest albums from Alabama Shakes, Justin Townes Earle, Regina Spektor, Citizen Cope, and the Punch Brothers.

4) How excited people are about the Olympics...even BBC announcers.

Quick and easy summer side dish

Stuffed Banana Peppers
Cut the tops off the banana peppers and make an incision down one side of each.  Clean them out.  Mix softened cream cheese and finely chopped jalenpeno peppers.  Stuff this into the banana peppers. Cook bacon for a few minutes in the microwave. Drain. Wrap 1-2 slices of bacon around the peppers to "seal" them and secure with a toothpick.  Bake in the oven or put on the grill (preferable).

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