Monday, October 8, 2012

'Cause it's simple.

I have to admit, when I imagined what Adrienne and Zach's wedding was going to be like, my gut reaction was "Well, it's not what I would want, but it's not my wedding." And, I'm pretty sure I was on a grossly oversized horse when I thought this...I wouldn't have a ceremonious church wedding with the standard piano playing in the background; I would pick wildflowers indicative of the season rather than opt for a florist arrangement; I would let my bridesmaids pick out their own dresses; I would do it outdoors and just have a potluck with my favorite drinks and foods afterward; I would walk out to "Such Great Heights" (Iron and Wine version) and then play the Avett Brothers the rest of the night; I would invite about 25 people.

What I was thinking last night, however...
1) The service was classic and beautiful and ceremonious in only the best of ways.  It was nice to have a pastor officiating who actually knew them; sharing such a momentous event with so many of their family and friends seemed to make it even more special; having parents and grandparents, all adorning similar corsages, escorted down the aisle by Zach's best friends just spoke of tradition and family and commitment; it was simply perfect.

2) Although pale pink isn't really my favorite color and I typically don't choose to look exactly like four other people, the pockets on our dresses made up for these disclaimers.

3) I want turkey and dressing at every future wedding I attend.

4) Every now and then, we all need to swallow our pride and say, "Teach me how to Dougie." We should drink and have dance-offs to songs like "Baby Got Back."

5) I'm so glad my sister married someone who will dance and whose friends and family don't care to act just a foolish as the Turners. 

6) The build-up to picture sessions is always far worse than actually doing them. Both before we did the grandkids' picture for Mama last fall and last week when pondering needing to be ready at 1 for a 4:00 pm wedding, I wanted to punch myself in the face...but neither were that bad.  And, some of the shots Leigh Ann and Bruce captured were pretty amazing.
7) It took so much pressure off the planners, particularly my mom, to just have the State Park take care of everything.  The fact that she could enjoy herself and not worry about food, drinks, music, etc. was probably worth the money.

8) I'm not an overly emotional person, but seeing Mom and Adrienne dance together is something I'll always remember.  That, and Mama, Ruby Jane and Clyde breaking it down to "Ice, Ice Baby."

9) Adrienne was absolutely stunning, but at no point came across like a diva. And I love that she considered ordering bread sticks from Pizza Hut a few hours before the service. In terms of the guys, it's hard to go wrong with suspenders.

10)  I don't mind admitting when I'm blatantly wrong.  The weekend was truly perfect, and not just in the "well, it was perfect for them" sort of way. Anyone would be lucky to be a part of something so genuine and fun and elegant and easy.

I honestly couldn't be happier that Adrienne fell for a man who loves her so completely, that she has become part of a family that seems so wonderful, that they, in the service that I ashamedly assumed would be cliche and maybe a little stuffy, reminded me what love looks like.

Love to you both, Adrienne and Zach.
Photos and videos courtesy of Leigh Morgan Photography.
*In case you are wondering, an explanation for the the origin of "high horse" can be found here.:)


  1. First of all, You look beautiful no matter what color you are wearing, but most definitely in pale pink. The entire wedding party was about the best looking one I've seen at a wedding, but I could be a bit biased. I do know the bride was breathtaking, and the groom wasn't so bad himself. The entire day went so well thanks to Judy's direction. Bro. Seth officiated a beautiful and personal ceremony. As for the reception, the staff of DHL state park did an amazing job. The food was delicious, and the service couldn't have been any better. I wanted to have one that was fun for all, but especially Zach and Adrienne. I think they enjoyed it as well as most all the guests. Having the groomsmen, Isabella, Jackson and Karson tear up the dance floor set the tone of the night. There were many people, you included, that stayed on the dance floor the entire night.
    I totally agree, Liza the day was perfect! Congratulations to Adrienne and Zach! I love you both very much.

  2. Wonderfully-worded, Mom. Love you!