Thursday, February 7, 2013

So God Made a Farmer...

I know I'm not alone in describing this Dodge commercial as my favorite of Super Bowl night. Substandard originality, however, is not going to stop me from devoting an entire post to it. This welcomed two minute reprieve from dancing pistachios and unfunny babies reminded me of my part-time job as an afternoon and weekend deejay at WKYR when I was 17 years old.  In between butchering or laughing at what people called into Swap Shop to sell, I would often play Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story," a series I've come to appreciate so much more with age than I did as that high school kid having fun on the radio. It reminded me of navy, cropped FFA jackets so emblematic of warm June nights spent exploring Louisville with Mom, Dad, Leigh Ann, and the assortment of teenage students who had decided to attend the FFA convention at the Galt House.  And most importantly, it reminded me of my favorite farmer, the man I respect more than any other I’ll ever know.

He got up before sunrise nearly every morning and fixed eggs, toast, gravy and coffee. He'd feed animals before and after school, the same animals he was willing to sleep in the barn beside if need be. In the summer, he'd spend every daylight hour working the farm he loved. He was in fact strong enough to rustle a calf, yet gentle enough to be there when his daughters cried. He tamed cantankerous machinery and could shape an ax handle. He could make about anything out of hay wire and feed sacks. He could clear trees and heave bails, but also care for a colt, calf, or pup with compassion that seemed equally natural. He plowed deep and straight and didn't cut corners. 

He was a farmer.
Luckily for me, he was also my Dad.

*For background on the Dodge commercial, see this Huffington Post or this NPR article.
If by some chance, I don't buy a Dodge Ram when the ol' Elantra finally waves the white flag, here are some options I'd consider...
How can you not love a hatchback? - Honda Crosstour
I think the new Kia Optimas are quite sharp.
I've always loved Mini Coopers.
I suppose I'd take a BMW hybrid SUV, too.


  1. I described the "God Made a Farmer" Super Bowl add as Powerful and Honest. This piece written from your heart is a very honest and powerful depiction of the farmer who was passionate about life on this wonderful piece of land called "Turner Farm." CLT loved everything about his life as a farmer and a father. His pride of owning land that belonged to his geat grandfather was evident in the way he took care of and worked this farm. CLT knew that often a farmer would not become a rich man. You know as well as I do, money meant very little to him compared to the personal satisfaction of hard back-breaking work that is required of farming. It was also important to him that this farm remain in the hands of "The Turner Girls" and their families. It was his legacy as is mine. In my heart I know this beautiful piece of land will remain "Turner Farm" for many years to come.

  2. There are really no words I could say except Thank YOU LIZA for always reminding the Turner Family of the qualities we loved about Curtis. Soon as I saw the commercial I thought of him . What a powerful loving post that I will treasure.

  3. Love you both so much. Don't forget, you both definitely have that same CLT spirit. I truly admire what you're able to accomplish in one day, the love you have for family, and your ability to make things work (whether it is with patience and perserverence) or with duct tape and an assortment of wires you've found in a junk drawer:)