Monday, May 6, 2013

A community is its people.

By: Guest blogger, Renee Kelley
I woke up to a nice surprise this morning. The Sun!!  We had an extremely rainy & cool weekend here in Burkesville. It is amazing what a bright sunny morning can do to get you in the mood. In the mood for what you ask? Anything your heart desires but for me today it is writing a blog post.
Thank you Liza for inviting me to guest blog on your blog! I find it an honor.
Well this week I am reaching a milestone in my life. You know the one. The big 40!! I have heard stories about this illusive old age for years. You know everyone ages and inevitably people in your life will turn 40.You know the birthday party that you get the old walking cane with bells & horns and the party décor is all black & silver. Sort of like the end of time. I remember Mom’s & yes I truly did think she was old. Now I realize that was all wrong. It is not old at all. It is just the beginning for many things in one’s life and for me.

I am starting a new journey in life. I am walking an unknown path to my future. I am a newly divorced Mother who is embarking on a journey of epic proportions. That is what it felt like in the beginning BUT now it feels like I have a new chance at a wonderful life. I am reenrolling in college & throwing myself into life 100%. To make this happen, I felt it necessary to move back to my hometown. I have had a hard time leaving Burkesville behind over the years. I often wondered why that was but after moving back home last month I have been reminded over & over each day what that reason was. All I knew was that Burkesville was drawing the kids & I home.
The reason is the people. The people I grew up around & the people who has been planted here within our community to grow & intertwine with us to make us who & what we are. Burkesville Kentucky is truly a community to be proud of.

In times of heartache in our community there are always the troops who align to make sure the hurting find comfort, the hungry get fed & those without resources they need in the time of emergency are met. No matter how great! Those are the doers, and Burkesville is full of them. Doing makes you feel compassion for someone else. It makes you feel a purpose greater than yourself. It may make you get your hands dirty but it will not kill ya! I promise your life will never be the same. It brings us out of our shells, makes us socialize & communicate with a human instead of a computer or phone. It is truly gratifying. It makes us better people. More important than that doing for someone else makes someone else’s life a little better.
This week, I challenge you to do something selfless. Do something for someone that you know they cannot repay you for. I am not a goody too shoes good doer. I am a simple country girl who realizes what a doer can do for a community. We have so many here. They are amazing & beautiful without even knowing it. They are the people who always have a smile for you when many times they cannot even find one for themselves.

You see within this community is the places where I can put my heart in soul into because well… so many here have put their heart & soul into me over the years. I am so proud to be home & proud to call Burkesville Kentucky my home. I look forward to summer here in the Ville with the Farmer’s Market being one of my first stops each Saturday morning. Go out and be selfless see how it feels. Oh & tell no one. If they want everyone else to know they will tell them.
Until Next Time,
Renee Kelley

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  1. Renee,
    I'm so glad you're back...and that you were willing to do a post on here:) Your perspective is valued and I love the way you describe this community that I have come to appreciate so very much as well. I loved the line, "You see within this community is the places where I can put my heart in soul into because well… so many here have put their heart & soul into me over the years."