Monday, November 18, 2013

It's hard to be sad when you're eating cinnamon rolls.

One of the themes of this blog over the past three years has been that we all have a touch of "crazy."  Loss-of-perspective sadness and frustration, seemingly nonsensical or outright stupid choices, and proclivity for pity parties is an affliction of human nature, not specific medical diagnoses.  And in saying this, I am in no way belittling conditions that necessitate prescriptions or treatments; the point is simply that we all do things that we regret, we all second guess and get stuck in our own head sometimes, almost all of us will experience something that seems pretty damn close to depression. 

In my non-scientific, entirely non-researched opinion, we come out of these periods by choice.  We choose to focus on others. We choose to get off our asses.  We choose to stay busy.  We choose to see the good.  We choose to make decisions, rather than wallow in indecisiveness.  We choose to give our minds a rest.  We choose to make time for new things. 

People sometimes ask me why I always want to be in the middle of some project.  The answer lies in the reflection above. I think sadness is oftentimes just a product of being bored. If I allow myself to just sit down and do nothing, I think too much, I feel sorry for myself, and I worry about things that may never happen.  Sure, my approach probably exemplifies a whole different level of emotional immaturity or instability, but I choose it over the alternative. 

As such, I like piddle projects. I get up before dawn and bake or paint or read. I cook for myself and try to create a pretty plate. I write letters to, or make things for, friends. I clean anything I can think to clean. I write blog posts.  I planned themed parties for no particular reason. 

I keep myself sane by keeping myself busy. 
My wonderful brother-in-law posted this on my Facebook page a few days ago (and I think many are spot-on).  I thought I would do my own "18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For" list in the next blog post. I encourage you to send me the things you think should be included.
Some recent projects....

Jewelry party and brunch at Silver Chest Creations (This was so much fun.  If you'd like more information about SCC, see this earlier blog post.  If you're interested in planning your own party, just let owner, Melissa Anderson, know).

Making homemade cinnamon rolls (I really liked this recipe and definitely recommend...or you could just go visit with the folks at Kountry Kitchen and eat the most delicious breakfast pastry ever.)

Breaking out the mod podge again... 
Got the chair at Main Street 210.
Made copies of some Adrienne-themed pictures.
Mod-podged to the chair, used a sharpie to write a favorite Avett Brothers lyric, and sprayed with a clear sealant.
Making ornaments...
Buy clear glass ornaments, remove lids, squeeze in acrylic paint colors of choice, cover top with a paper towel, shake a bunch, let drain over an egg carton.
Happy piddling.  


  1. #baconlove here to chime in...I seriously need to figure out my password to my profile so I can stop being anonymous. I just want to say "I know, right?" to everything you said in this post. And also let you know that you are quite possibly the most awesome person I know.

    1. Nonsense. I've never written anything as great as #baconlove . You, my friend, are quite possibly the most hilarious (and thus, awesome) person I know. Thank you for reading and for being such a bright light. It's nice to have people in our lives who seem to be kindred spirits.