Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Sign Ain't Playin' - Cumberland Co. Really IS the Best Kept Secret in Kentucky

A few of my favorites from my Cumberland County Christmas shopping... (I still have several "colors" that need to be addressed; will likely be a Part II to this post)
Above: Methodist Opportunity Store - $3.00 for two tea cups and matching saucers; Below: Same store, $.25/tin (plan to do some trail mix, Christmas cookies, and various goodies dipped in chocolate)

Smith's Pharmacy has a wide selection of Christmas cards for 50-75% off. Save some money and go this route, but personalize with your favorite poem, lyric, family update, child's drawing, or joke on the inside. Call Caroline - bet she has some classic holiday jokes worked up.
For a $10 donation to the Cumberland County Public Library, get yourself one of these cute t-shirts. Black and olive tote bags (that simply say "Cumberland County Public Library") are also available (you could fill them with someone's favorite book, a candle, neck pillow, hot cocoa mix, magazine subscription card, etc.). Added bonus...You get a chance to check out new books, DVDs, and magazines. Plus, I hear the Director is really cool.
"Bella Baby" products are a good idea for girls of all ages.
The cutting boards/trivets, handcrafted by Sherman McCoy, are some of my favorites. I suggest giving one of these alongside the homemade wine you're making and some specialty cheese or homemade bread from Kountry Kitchen.
I found these ramekins at what used to be "J's Discount" for $1.00 a piece. I plan to include these in a gift box accompanied by recipe cards for individual desserts and a spice medley from Kountry Kitchen.
Above: Some of the neat things I found at Main Street 210. I paid $12 for the beautiful scarf, $8.00 for the baking dish, and .$20 for the ornaments (which Andy and I plan to paint designs and a message on). Below: This may not make it into a gift package...I love the stained glass I stumbled across at MS 210 (less than $10!).

I absolutely adore everything I found at the Yellow Ribbon Trading Post in Marrowbone. For $12, I got the vase, three incense holders, homemade pumpkin butter (made by a Cumb. Co. resident), homemade candle, and two coffee mugs (which may not make it into a gift either).

I also got a fantastic deal on a gift item I picked up at Anderson's Cowboy Store, I found another coffee mug at Smith's (red and orange with an initial on the front - plan to fill it with pumpkin pie biscotti for my "orange" recipient), and spulrged on a pair of jeans for myself at Millie's for $7.

While you're out and about, I suggest that you go to the news office to check out the paintings Billy Guffey will have on sale for the next couple of weeks and then cross the street and swing in Annie Ruby's for a chocolate chip cookie/buttercream icing sandwich. Finish your day with whimsical socks and Love Actually.

Happy shopping!

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