Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turner Farm: In the Kentucky Tradition

Dad's office in the barn was the standard spare room mishmash of horse antibiotics, binoculars, magazines, fishing poles, deer antlers, and a whole host of other necessities. I was pilfering around in early October, looking specifically for a couple of blankets that Dad's favorite horse, Cotton's Last Hope, had won in the early 1980s, and I ended up stumbling across a file with information relating to one of his first horses, Go Red Jet. Inside I found pictures, a typed note from the previous owners, magazine write-ups, and most importantly, a hand-written description that Dad had apparently submitted to various publications. The above ad was based on this particular note (second page seen at right), which although had been chewed on by some office critter, was, for the most part, in tact. I love that it is printed and simply on 8X11 notebook paper, I love that he uses phrases like "superior disposition and confirmation," I love that he included Mom as "owner." Most importantly, I am thankful for the love of animals, farm, and family that we saw every day in Dad.

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  1. Curtis really did love every aspect of this farm. He was definitely a man who loved this humbling way of life. Only recently am I realizing why he was so tied to this farm. He would be proud of the fact that life goes on at Turner Farm.