Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So gangsta, I'm so Thug...

Well, since it was going to cost me nearly $42 to get a case of Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry shipped to the house (apparently, this is only seasonal; for the past month or so, Andy has anxiously walked into gas stations, only to come out minutes later cussing the entire beverage industry), I decided to get Mr. Wiggins the next best thing for Valentine's Day...a video compilation of random, somewhat nontraditional love songs that remind me of him or of us.

But first...

Happy Valentine's Day to the man who...
*will play 20 questions in the car with me even though my categories are typically far too vague and my answers, rather than being "yes" or "no," often include "kind of", "depends", or "sometimes."
*looks really, really cute in his grandfather's horn-rimmed glasses.
*might read a comic book, Nietzsche, and an ESPN magazine within a two-hour time block
*doesn't settle for uninspired.
*can drive a tractor and a Prius.
*I never worry will be awkward around, intimidated by, or uncomfortable with any group of people I choose to be around.
*makes me want to read more and think more.
*is one of few people who has weirder dreams than me. And the only one with whom I like to laugh about them in the morning.
*willingly, and quite enthusiastically, participates in Turner family stupid pictures.
*was my co-star in The Hunt, our AWARD WINNING horror short film.
*can have an in-depth discussion with me about what makes a pizza a good pizza.
*disregards his instincts and keeps the house clean because it makes me happy.
*accepts people for who they are, whether or not he would choose their decisions/lifestyle for himself...And reminds me to try to do the same.
*likes American Idol far more than he would ever admit.
*makes the best fried sweet potatoes I've ever eaten.
*has cycling jerseys and my dad's flannel shirts side-by-side in the closet.
*is, no joke, one of the most creative, quick-witted, and foolish people I have ever met. Just ask Evil Rat Bitch.
*would do anything to help my mom.
*encourages me to both believe in and stand up for myself.
*makes me laugh everyday.
*is more liberal than me. And who can articulate his political/economic/social positions so much more intelligently than me.
*as Garth Brooks says, "is so New York and then L.A.; And every town along the way; He's every place that I've never been."

That's right, when they say you're not my baby like Maury
You can tell 'em that they're telling a story.

This is how Andy finally got me, too.

The actual video is so much cooler, but I couldn't embed it. Oh well, I think he knows I still love him so.

Cause it's simple.

Some additional random picks for Valentine's Day...
Swept Away by The Avett Brothers - Who cares about tomorrow; what more is tomorrow; but another day; when you swept me away

Magnolia Tree by Drew Halcomb & the Neighbors

The Luckiest by Ben Folds I don't get many things right the first time; In fact, I am told that a lot; Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls;
Brought me here

Strawberry Swing by Coldplay The sky could be blue, I don’t mind;
Without you it’s a waste of time

She's Every Woman by Garth Brooks He's anything but typical;
He's so unpredictable; Oh but even at his worst he ain't that bad

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

I'd Rather Be With You by Joshua Radin

Into Your Arms by The Lemonheads

1234 by Plain White Ts

Outloud by Dispatch

Come Away With Me by Norah Jones


  1. Loved this post! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys! Ps. Great music picks. I walked down the aisle to Such Great Heights. It gets me every time.

  2. might I add to the list:
    - can talk with TEK about Burkesville history and awesome cycling crashes in the same conversation.
    - writes ever-so-thoughtful messages to his lady love's best friends, even when he totally didn't need to.
    - provided regular updates to me on the really, really important stuff. ie love and illness.
    - chuck norris. nuff said.

  3. Happy late Valentine's Day to you guys!
    Myndi - I love the thought of someone walking down the aisle to Such Great Heights. From what I know about you and Charlie, this seems fitting. I love it.
    Caroline - He's pretty great, huh?:)

    Looking so forward to seeing you both this weekend!

  4. You two are such a great couple. This post was such a sweet tribute to a really nice guy. Thanks Andy, for all you do and for Loving Liza. Liza, you're not so bad yourself.

  5. Yeah, you're kinda okay too, Mom.:)