Thursday, July 7, 2011

If You Don't Like the Winnie the Pooh Trailer, You Are Just a Bad Person

Yes, parts of it definitely do not rhyme and the others, well, are stretches. ...

“One World, Many Stories”
For Isabella Kurtys Morgan on her 2nd birthday...with much love, Aunt Liza (LiLi)

I see stories unfold, with a quick turn of a page, nearly every day:
trips to far-away lands, rides on exotic turquoise wings, talks with animals befriended along the way.
I feel silky, vibrantly-hued fabrics and hear musical medleys of robins, kittens, and buzzing bugs,
worlds of imagination seemingly real despite my office chair and coffee mug.

Of all the stories read and of all the stories told, however, I wish yours to be the most...
the most beautiful, the most exciting, the most engaging, the most fun.
I hope you run in fields among bright pink butterflies and swim in oceans with joke-telling seahorses,
live in treetops that nearly touch the moon and eat extravagant meals with more than four courses.

I wish for you a world of possibility, of never-ending stories, a world filled with your very favorite books.
I wish for you days of pretend, days of dress-up, days of hidden reading nooks.
I wish for you built-in shelves where your favorite characters will cozily rest side by side,
I wish for you nights spent reading, tucked in bed by your mom and dad, AKA, your tour guides.

But most of all, I simply wish you a happy 2nd birthday. I love you, you little rascal.

As she was watching the fireworks, Isabella would cover her mouth in excitement and say "what come next??" and then proceed to name the suspected selection; or when there was a break in between fireworks, she would stand in Nonna's lap and say, "C'mon." Pure joy is a really, really beautiful thing. Watching her truly was my favorite part of a wonderful 4th of July weekend.
Masterful advertising.


  1. Isabella will cherish this "gift" when she is able to read and understand its message. She will definitely know she is loved by her aunt Li Li. You are such a gifted writer. It is easy to feel the passion and love you have for the written word.
    I have to agree that watching fireworks this year was much more fun because of Isabella. She was genuinely excited and just couldn't wait for the next burst of colors. What a wonderful night!

  2. LOL...but we all know that I get my love for the written word/silly poem from my momma...YOU NEED TO DO A PILLOWBOOK ENTRY!! I love your writing and I know everyone else would too.

  3. This is lovely - what a gift for such a special little girl.

    *And now I will share something just as lovely with you, my dear... ;)

  4. I loved this entry! Thank you so much for the special poem for Isabella. It means so much to me, and it will to her someday as well. Isabella is a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful Nonna and aunts that take so much time for her. :)