Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Everyday moments, caught in time" and the versatility of Diet Rite

Trust me, you'll enjoy this. (the video, not necessarily my post)

Billy Collins was U.S. Poet Laureate, 2001-2003, and has been both poet and English professor for most of his career. A quick internet search will yield an extensive review of his accolades, but I enjoy him - and include him here - simply because I find him to be witty and approachable, neither falling into the "everything-has-deep-meaning-and-thus-I'm-going-to-add-a-bunch-of-flowery-adjectives" poetry trap nor seeming to take himself too seriously. I love that.

Creative task to consider: Write a poem about the everyday, mixing ordinary observations with quirky or unexpected details. Think about (or, better yet, draw) how it would look in animation.

Some everyday moments from my weekend...

The faint sound somehow softly echoes from the unencumbered kitchen walls.
I pull the green curtains open, the ones I obsess over daily,
for I like them to be "even" as much as I like the subdued color.
The quiet, little chirp inexplicably seems louder with a gentle tug.
A quick glance to the left and I see a flash of the culprit,
a small blue wing that seems even smaller with each wayward stroke.
I guess that little tin can contraption works,
the pair of vintage mugs bought less for nature's benefit and more for my hazel eyes.
I love that recycled, upcycled, junk-into-art piece.
I love the day it reminds me to remember,
a day at a craft fair, in a vineyard, with bluegrass bands and organic food,
a day that "looks like me."
You ask, "what bird so sings?"
The bird stealing breakfast, the bird that made me open the curtains.


  1. I loved that day, too, Liza. It's about time for us to take another day long adventure. I may try to write a poem one of these mornings, but got to be inspired. I will start listening and watching the world around me.
    That's one of my favorite things to do anyway.

  2. BTW I love the pictures of the farm. I don't remember seeing a soda can hanging on our fence. Was that made on Turner Farm? Also, your garden bed looks amazing.

  3. I agree. Bourbon Trail and Frankfort Avenue need to be on our agenda. In fact, what are you doing at the end of the week. Nothing says good friday like a distillery tour;). You are a wonderful writer and I've always loved your poems. I look forward to seeing anything you write. You should write one tonight about painting the shed!

    I'm glad you liked them:) Haha...we can't lay claim to that ingenuity. I saw that in the field behind Marrowbone Cemetary when I was walking the pups yesterday. Thanks! The onions and lettuce are doing well, spinach not so much.