Sunday, April 29, 2012

My refrigerator looks so happy and colorful. I already want to punch it and tell it to go get me a brownie.

In approximately 12 hours I will know how Bill Withers felt. That's right, my sunshine includes (but is not limited to)...
Big doughy bread:
Coffee, chocolate, alcohol:
After-supper desserts (and I do have them every night):
As mentioned about a week ago, I'm starting my "cleanse" tomorrow morning. My goal is to make it to Sunday, May 13. I know most cleanses are more strict than what I plan to do, but I had to modify and make it remotely realistic. I'm not going to juice everything. I don't plan to drink expensive shakes for two weeks. Under no circumstances will I consider drinking my pee (I'm not making this up; some "cleanses" will suggest as much). I'm basically cutting out those things that I know I'm addicted to and/or stuff that I really enjoy, but that has no nutritional value.

Here are some things I'm going to try to cut out:
Caffeine (typical culprits: coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper)

Most breads (I can sit down and just eat white sandwich bread - and really enjoy it - if that tells you anything)

Processed sugary desserts (my Friday night BBQ plate and DQ blizzard routine probably needs to be changed anyway)

Meat (not that big of deal for me)

Most dairy (including butter, egg yolks, 1% and skim milk)

Alcohol (again, not that big of deal for me)

Peanut butter (this one makes me cry)

Here are a few things not typically found in cleanse diets that I plan to keep in:
A little olive oil
Egg whites
Homemade yogurt (in moderation)
Whole grain brown rice (in moderation)
Two slices of whole wheat toast every two days
Crystal Light (I'm sorry, I have to. Water is gross.)

Things you would probably expect:
Fresh vegetables
Almonds, walnuts, pecans (in moderation)
Almond milk

Just made up some pico de gallo a few minutes ago. I plan to put this on everything.
Caroline's breakfast suggestion:
"I do love those smoothies (like what we had when you visited). I prefer kale to spinach, and kale probably has more nutrients than the latter. Beets do make it a beautiful color, and I liked the added flavor, too. Mine typically consist of greens, a banana, and some juice (I've done orange, carrot, "green" juice). You can definitely mix up the fruits to your liking (berries, mango) and add in stuff like flax seeds, dates, etc."


  1. Oh Liza, I admire you and hope you feel wonderful in a few days. I could not do it for sure!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, we shall see, Aunt Carolyn. You might see my car at Tastee Freeze at 5:05 tomorrow.