Thursday, October 17, 2013

Always remember there was nothing worth sharing...

I love that Adrienne and I both have Avett Brothers tattoos, want Jess and Rory to be together in real life, and could wear a different pair of whimsical socks every day for two weeks and still have a few pairs left over.  I love that Adrienne knows what she deserves, expects it, and will call others out if they're slacking.  I love that Adrienne and I have the same sense of humor and that we are both hilarious.  I love that Adrienne is one of my favorite people to go to concerts, travel, and drink with. I love that if I had said, "with whom to go to concerts..." Adrienne would've rolled her eyes even though she knew it was grammatically correct. I love that Adrienne can make the most god awful faces a beautiful person could possibly make.  I love that Adrienne realizes she is everyone's favorite and doesn't fake humility or offer ridiculous disclaimers like "we're all special in different ways." I love that Adrienne can be blunt, selfish, and halfway mean at times...but in the back of my mind, I'm always thinking "dammit, I can't help but like her though." I love that Adrienne is the type of teacher to whom both kids and parents write letters of adoration. I love that Adrienne doesn't do selfies with any seriousness.  I love that Adrienne married my former advisee and student.  I love that Adrienne is happy.

Happy birthday, little sis.  I think you're awesome.




  1. Wonderful tribute to Adrienne, wish all sisters had someone like you to write about them! Happy Birthday to Adrienne.

    1. Thanks so much, Aunt Carolyn. You always say the nicest things.

  2. I'm her mother and could not have done a better job capturing Adrienne's personality and being . She is everything you have said. She is an awesome sister and a wonderful daughter! I love all my girls and the fact that each of you are unique in your own right.. Happy Birthday to my baby girl!