Thursday, October 3, 2013

And my life is but a coin, pulled from an empty pocket.

Earlier this week, a friend posted a link to this April blog post primarily because of the author's wise, wise conclusion that leggings are not pants (as I have adamantly purported since the unfortunate day black leggings, tiny t-shirts, and those furry boots suddenly became trendy).  I immediately laughed and took solace in an actual writer agreeing with me on this most important of social issues. I then continued reading and was struck by how many of the other "25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know" resonated with me.  I have condensed the list to the ones I found most stirring and pertinent.

*You'll be sad to see it go if you live it right. This reminds me of the line "If I live the life I'm given, I won't be scared to die." in the Avett Brothers, Once and Future Carpenter.

*You should resolve to be awesome for the rest of your life.

*Leggings, no matter how much we wish, will never one day magically transform into pants. Exception: Leigh Ann, Isabella, and Danielle can pull this off. The rest of you need to quit trying.

*I hope he buys you flowers...and holds your hands...and takes you to parties if you like to dance. You deserve that. Always. You are worthy beyond words, gal. Seriously, ladies, remember this.

*Your spirit will never benefit from shallow people.

*Gossip is shallow and stupid. Hobbies are better.

*If you make mean comments, and you talk about people behind their MIGHT be the toxic one. Don't forget, we have all been the toxic one at some point in our lives. Don't put yourself on a pedestal. Realize that the more likely you are to be defensive, the more you probably need to look at yourself.

*If you don't like what that is, have the courage to change it. Always realize that you are not stuck and that life does go on.  You can live through anything.

*Regret is a real thing. It's going to happen.

*You are worth so much more than second string in relationships.

*The victim song is never going to fit you.
Late Summer/Early Fall Recipes

Recommend: slice apples and put in baking pan. Top with brown sugar, cinnamon, butter. Put pork chops on top.  Cover with foil. Bake for around 1 hour.
Butternut Squash Burritos
Saute thinly-sliced onions in butter and olive oil.  Add butternut squash (already baked) and stir to combine. Remove from skillet and add salt/pepper to taste, cumin, cinnamon, and parsley.
Put a healthy dollop in the center of your tortilla shell, top with cheese, and fold like a burrito.  Crisp in olive oil in skillet.

Recommend: Top with homemade relish! 
Piddle Project: Stained Glass Window
Find old window. Clean. Sand and paint color of choice.
Use razor blade to get paint off glass.
Take a cute cat picture.
Find some stained glass paint, decide on a design, and wing it. On one pane, I did the color first, the leading, second and vice versa on the other panes.
Let it dry for days and days.
Hold it in front of natural light and be pretty impressed with your little stained glass set.


  1. You are something else!! (In a great way)

  2. You really do need to write a book about your life and your love for it. I know it would be a best seller. LOL

    1. Ha. Thanks, Mom. I do worry, however, that "Best Seller" might be a bit of an exaggeration.