Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Euell Gibbons Probably Didn't Eat Enough Wraps

Random #1: I know the whole "Caroline is wonderful" shtick is getting a little old, but too bad, here's another one for you. I've told you how much I love getting mail, new music, things that "look like me," and the stories told through handwriting. Sometime in between pillow shopping and gardening, Caroline managed to combine all of these into the perfect gift. This is what was waiting for me in my post office box yesterday:
I love this CD cover. Sometime over the next few days, use old cards, contact paper, or magazine ads/articles to do a CD cover for someone you love. Trust me, it will make their day.
Caroline's renowned handwriting. And a CD title that just makes me smile.

Random #2: I think I first had to do a "haiku" when I was in Mrs. Judy Frederick's (and our KET rep, Liz) Arts & Humanities class in high school. Although I don't remember the specifics, the content was likely both sophisticated and thought-provoking. ... (for those who don't remember, a haiku is a 3-line poem; the first line has 5 syllables, the second, 7, the third, 5). They can be a useful tool to relay a message to someone who you care enough about to be creative for, but in a situation where time and/or embarrassment do not allow for an all-day "ode to X" preparation.

Suggestion: Write one just for fun. Don't take it seriously, just jot down something that makes you laugh. Or, consider writing one for someone who is on your mind (maybe it can be the case cover for a CD). Perhaps you'll find that the friend will reciprocate with something like the following - a girl I know received this last Thursday; it was too sweet not to share.

""XYZ's" Thursday morning haikus:
my heart hangs like grapes
suspended from your trellis
made into fine wine

In the words of twins
I would walk 1000 miles
To fall at your door

I’ve written haikus
To my love because she is
My best friend and muse"

For those of you who aren't gagging, my own haikus and, surprisingly, even more randomness lie ahead.

LMT's Haikus
Spinach, where are you?
I put you out weeks ago.
Sprout right now mister.

Cowboy boots and hat.
Curtis Lee is my hero.
Ironing wranglers.

Red is the new black.
Zucchini bread is divine.
Teaching has its perks.

Incredibly Important Random #3: I love wraps. And, I would argue that A) nearly all food tastes better when nestled neatly inside a bready something and B) Point A is a definitive and universal fact (see Russian blini post; citizens of one individual country tend to choose these rather than McRibs...point proven). See, I told you this one was super important.

I found these wraps at the grocery today (bread aisle next to the bagels and english muffins) and no joke, they are fantastic. They are easier to wrap than regular tortillas (they're longer and thinner) and seem to be healthier for you as well. Today for lunch I had one with the following: deli-sliced chicken, colby cheese, spinach leaves (from Mom and Dad's garden), tomatoes, sliced olives, kraut, and mustard. Sounds gross, but it was delicious. Plan to grill some burgers tonight and will use the wraps again; I am currently debating topping combinations (spinach, havarti, tomato; avocado, sprouts, salsa; homemade pickles, colby, ketchup; mushrooms, mozzarella, Italian dressing). If any of you have suggestions for unique/unexpected/tasty filler options, please share!

Random #4: I mentioned in one post that I mentally keep a list of celebrities with whom I think I would be friends (at least I haven't written it down; that makes it a little better, doesn't it?). Lauren Graham was on that list and solely because, for six seasons, she played Lorelai Gilmore on one of my favorite shows of all time. Alongside The Cosby Show, the mere mention of Gilmore Girls makes me hold my hand over my heart and sigh. It is the show that I will watch on ABC family with Adrienne, the show that I would get in a fight over if someone claimed it was "guilty pleasure," the show that combines quirky music, witty conversations, and great character development.

I will pull a Sandra Bullock and give you copies of my DVDs if you insist it is bad. I will then win the academy award for distinguished and really important blog entry the following night.

In each of the DVD season collections, there is a "Your Guide to Gilmore-isms: The 411 on many of the show's witty and memorable wordplays and pop culture references." Here are a few from Season 2 (maybe my favorite - the one where Jess moves into town)

* Baz Luhrmann - Film director of Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom and William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
* Cher, Greg Allman - The singer Cher was married to Allman Brother Greg for nine days in 1975. They later reconciled, then divorced in 1977.
* The Damned - English punk band formed in 1976. Their debut album Damned Damned Damned was released six months before the The Sex Pistols' debut Never Mind the Bollocks.
* Euell Gibbons - Spokesman for the vegetarian lifestyle as being beneficial for longevity, died of natural causes in his early sixties.
* John Cleese - Member of British comedy troupe Monty Python. Amongst his stock of characters was "The Minister of Silly Walks."
* Mensa - Mensa is an organization for people with high IQs.
* Napoleon and Elba - French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to Elba in 1814.
* Vicious Circle - A term often used to describe the members of the Algonquin Roundtable, the group of literary greats that included Dorothy Parker.
* "Who's on First" - Popular Abbot and Costello routine concerning a baseball team and the confusion over player names.

See, bet you're missing those "ode to Caroline"s now, aren't you?


  1. :)
    I love these wraps! I have Italian Herb in the fridge now. If you go to their website, they have lots of tasty recipes. I personally enjoy the tomato basil basil pizza.

  2. To take ANY wrap to the next level- just add a half of an avocado, sliced and lightly salted. Unless I am waiting for one to ripen, I eat at least 1 avocado a day. At lunch today, an assistant brought in homemade bbq- luckily, I had my avocado ready. Yesterday, I used it to top off leftover veggie pizza and after school I made a simple guacamole (avocado, lime juice, garlic powder, and a splash of Tabasco). Perhaps I should start a blog where I list what I ate with my avocado that day. :)

  3. Genius, Alexus. What a user-friendly and cute website. Lindsey, definitely check this out:

    No joke, Lindsey, I love that idea:)! Let's do that next the end of each blog, I want to talk about The Adventures of Lindsey and Her Avocado. Hadn't thought to put it on BBQ, but I can see where that would be tasty. I really wish you had put some slaw on it though and then proceeded to dance around Natcher Elementary singing the Kentucky Headhunters' Dumas Walker song.

  4. No joke, I was thinking "man, my hand writing looks bad. I don't like this pen" as I wrote on that CD.

    And that XYZ sure knows how to court a lady : )

  5. Those wraps are superb
    Herby goodness and healthy
    I will wash my socks

  6. Mark your calendars everyone-5/10/10-the avocado fun will begin!!

  7. Lindsey - YES!! You have no idea how much I love this idea:)

  8. Hey all you youngsters,
    Gary and I have used these flat out wraps for a year anyway and think they are so good. I am anxious to go their website and check out the recipes.

  9. Haha...and i thought I was really on to something. It seems I was the only person who didn't know of them:).