Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aphorisms Aplenty: CLT, J-Lo, and "Throwing Elbows Like a Wild Zombie"

My father is truly one of the funniest people I have ever met. I love that I have inherited his proclivity to combine three cliches into one analogy, that he calls Wal-Mart, "Wal-Mark," and that he can, with a straight face, sit aloofly in his chair and dryly say some of the funniest one-liners imaginable. I hate it when zombies throw elbows too, Dad.

I invite (and genuinely encourage) you to use the comment section to share some of your favorite memories of the fathers in your own lives.
CLT, you’ve always been, and will remain, the best man I know.
The weedeater starts because of you, just as the garden annually grows.
Emblematic of roots even as you steadfastly support directionally-challenged wings,
One half of the goodness and humor represented in those unfailing gold wedding rings.

As frustrated as I can make you, I am forevermore my father’s child.
Money holds little value, though projects of whimsy and intrigue will continue to pile.
It is because of you that Buster and Harvey have a home on my back deck,
And primarily why I so enjoy Rachel Maddow’s verbal trumping of the ridiculous Glenn Beck.

Yet, beyond liberal tendencies and the welcoming of the occasional stray pet,
You represent, in ways both obvious and tangential, ultimate personal goals I have set.
To be a loyal spouse, an amazing parent, and a loving child each day I wake,
Inexplicably strong, yet humbly and without agenda, giving more than I take.

So, on this Father’s Day, I honor and celebrate the man to which all others will inevitably be compared.
Impossibly high standards, you plethora of suitors, not sure I would even dare.:)


  1. I used to say that the only times I'd ever seen my dad cry were at the end of Backdraft when the brother dies, and when recalling an incident that took place when I was in junior high - that I helped the janitors pick up trash in the bleachers after my basketball game while everyone else was in the locker room. Now, he's teared up a number of times since then for reasons that have started to run together, but I think those two instances show what kind of man he is - one who values the love of family, and just being a "good person."

    I, too, celebrate the best man I know. For understanding nuclear physics, for reading Shakespeare, for seeing the positive side of most everything, for telling really stupid (AWESOME!) jokes, and for helping me grow in every way. Hooray for TEK and CLT!

  2. From the moment that your brillant father laughed at my impatient cow joke, I knew we had a "good one on our hands." You, CDK, are one of the most thoughtful, most witty, most interesting people I will ever be fortunate enough to have in my life...and I have a sneaking suspicion that you're not an anomoly in the Kraft/Laufenberg families. I love your mom's sense of style and her genuine interest in others' just as I love your dad's quiet humor and his "I never crave or need the spotlight even though I'm probably the smartest person in the room" demeanor. Happy Father's Day, Mr. Ted Kraft. Thank you for being an example of strength and goodness.

    Oh, and I've always thought it was awesome that, even at 12 years old, you chose citizenship over coolness (per middle school protocol).:)

  3. hehe - minus the s' on others:)

  4. Liza,
    Overwhelmed with emotion after reading your post..So hard to put into words the love for a Father but I must say you have written the words of love so very well here!!


  5. Thank you so much, Maria. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!:)

  6. I cannot wait to share this with CLT. I bet he sits with a smug smile on his face and then shrugs his shoulders as if he does not deserve this wonderful recognition. You have captured the essence of your Dad perfectly. He will be so proud and touched by your words although he will not mention it to you. That's just the way he is.

    Now, let's talk about your grandadaddy and my father JLN.
    He is a hard working, loyal family man as well. He has a sense of humor and a way about him that makes him so likeable to those he is around. He is so proud of all his children, grandchildren, and his two special great-grand baby girls. He loves Grandma Lois with all his heart. (Even if she does test his patience on occasion).

  7. I am touched. Let me tell a few memories of CLT. 1) When we were about 3 and 6 they said I would jump on him and fight and win(wonder if let me win)2) I never remember him raising his voice or being mad or hateful with Mom and Dad. 3) I remember when he wrote me letters while I was in college at KWC . He was in the Army then and thought he might go to Vietnam (I have a letter or two). 4) I remember him letting me drive his new green camero(with wide white strips) home from town ( I really did not need to be driving it) 5) I remember when he brought that beautiful sweet Nunn girl home to meet us in about 1974 6) I know that he is just like his wonderful Father LCT is sooooo many ways. 7) I know that he has fought cancer like many others could not have.8) I know if he had lots of money he would give it away and take care of everyone.
    9) I know that he has a younger brother that idolizes him. 10) I know I love him.

  8. Carolyn, this is so wonderful and precious and heart felt. It has touched me, and I know it will him. Thank you for being the person you are. Lots of Love!

  9. Mom, thank you so much for sharing about granddaddy. I am incredibly lucky to have so many good men in my life. He not only makes the best grilled hamburgers (I love that he puts them back in the bun bag to steam) and homemade ice cream around, but he is just generally one of the most kind and enjoyable people I will ever know. I love that when I least expect it he also says someething really witty and funny. Remind me to ask you later about his middle name!

    Aunt Carolyn - I just reread your post again and it brought tears to my eyes. Mom was wrong- it is you, not me, that has captured the essence of Dad perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I loved getting a glimpse of him that I've never seen - the letters to you at KWC, the car loaning, you beating him up:), and the slow to anger comment.
    Love you.

  10. I have loved reading everyone's comments- we are all very lucky to have such wonderful men in our lives and in our heart, like Uncle Curtis, Papa, and Gary Lee! :)