Monday, April 15, 2013

"Ain't it like most people? I'm no different. We love to talk on things we don't know about."

Things I know about Brad Paisley and LL Cool J:
1. I think LL Cool J used to wear overalls with only one strap fastened.
2. Brad Paisley is married to the girl from "Father of the Bride."
3. LL Cool J is on CSI or NCIS or something of the sort.
4. I ashamedly and inexplicably like the line (from what I believe is a Brad Paisley song) about putting a lampshade on your head.
5. From what I can tell, both seem like nice guys. 
I am in no position to critique their music, their public personas, or the intention behind any of their work.  I haven't listened to "Accidental Racist," nor have I followed the critiques of (what I imagine to be) a mediocre-at-best musical collaboration. I'm confident I get the gist of the controversy in this SNL skit.
Something I do, however, feel comfortable commenting on because I've heard it (and probably unintentionally done it at times) throughout my life...
I hate when someone's race or sexual orientation is mentioned in conversation when it has absolutely no relevance to the given conversation. Examples: "I saw this black man walking down the street" (and then proceeds to tell me what a cute dog he had); "I got behind this Hispanic woman at the store" (and then proceeds to tell me about their conversation about plastic bags); "I have this gay friend" (and then proceeds to tell me how they also like the Avett Brothers). 
If someone asks for a description of me and offering "white female" would be helpful in identification, okay. I understand that political correctness has limits.  However, I think far too often we all make distinctions that are completely unnecessary. Lest you find yourself having a conversation in the middle of a public library that continually makes reference to "the black woman," let's all be more mindful of the stuff that comes out of our mouths.
Sometimes you just need to put on some Hello Kitty rain boots, a princess dress with a sheer tulle skirt, and go play with some puppies...
Sometimes you just need to be amazing...

Sometimes you just need to fry some stuff...
Upon discovering that I had never been dry land fish hunting (and being shocked that someone raised in Cumberland County had escaped this rite of passage), my favorite library patron brought me some Saturday morning.  To prepare them, I cut them in half and let them soak in salt water for a few hours, drained them, tossed in cornmeal, flour, seasoned salt, and pepper, and fried them in batches in vegetable oil. They weren't bad, but if any of you have suggestions regarding additional steps or dipping sauce recipes, I'd sure love to hear them.

p.s. I have gone "hunting" twice since initally disappointing said awesome patron.  

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