Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cause It's Simple

Losing someone you love - whether by death, circumstance, or choice - is always harder than enduring any kind of physical pain. It's difficult to figure out how to just "be," when that part of your life that made the everyday so "normal" is gone. What I've learned over the past few months, though, is that despite the questions, regardless of the hurt, and overlooking the need for explanation that can likely never exist, there can be a sense of peace at any end. When you know that you, without a single doubt, loved completely everyday, you realize that it simply is what it is. There's no desire to let go, but there is an ability. The pain doesn't inspire second guessing or "what if"s; it reminds you that that person or that life was worth it. Love completely.

And, if that doesn't work, occupy yourself with things that make you laugh, stuff that interests you, or side projects that allow you to get in completely over your head. My weekend plans: constructing and painting a rain barrel, finish building my raised beds, buy starter plants for the garden, clean out window boxes and flower pots, drink coffee with lots of flavored coffeemate, drink lots of DDP, play "come over here and give me a hug" with Isabella, take Lucy and Willie hiking, hang new pictures, eat pancakes.
Do a lot of front porch sitting, too. Maybe Brad Garner will call me and sing "Just a Swingin." - Oh, Leigh Ann, she had 'em wrapped around her finger even in Kindergarten.
May watch a few of the DVDs we were going to sell at the Library. As you can see, my interests are varied. Vickie: "Do you really want the egg one?" Liza: "I love stuff like that."


  1. Perfectly stated Liza. Love you and your projects! :)

  2. Love you, Lindsey Lee Devore:).

  3. You've got life figured out, Liza. Some people live a life-time in misery because they cannot seem to get past their problems. I am not saying life is easy because it's not. But acceptance for things that we cannot change makes it a bit more tolerable. "It is what it is" is something your dad and me came to accept and understand. You do your best and move on with your life. Life is what you make it. So keep on doing what you're doing.... Living life to the fullest each and everyday. It doesn't hurt either to have good friends to help you through the rough parts. (or a mom who loves you and your sisters very much)

  4. I respond the way I do because that's all I've ever seen. You and Dad handled everything with strength and acceptance and love. You never expected nor wanted pity and you somehow managed to keep in mind all the good that you had in your life. I love you both so much and am so proud to be your daughter.