Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, bite me Phil Collins

Suggestions for a bad day... Make your own flower arrangement. Eat 1/2 box of Golden Grahams in 2 days.
Youtube some of your favorite commercials.

Put your sunroof down and find a song that makes you smile (I'm hoping the video shows up; if not, it's one of my car radio while "Rhythm of My Soul" plays).

Say "that's right, bitches." About anything.


  1. No need to take it out on Phil Collins.


  2. "Kiss my grits" often works. Or, per my mother... BOO YA!

  3. I've got a groovy kind of "shut it" for PC.
    Bet he is nice background music for all night microfilming though.

    I like them both Caroline, especially when used together. Isabella has a good one too "Dog gone it. Ouch"

  4. Words my teacher friends lived by were, "Just smile and nod." We used this phrase on a daily basis when it came to demanding administrators, irritating co-workers (you know you have some), and unreasonable parents.

    Life is too short to live in stress about things that do not really matter in the big picture.

  5. Mom, I hope I grow up to be as patient and level-headed as you. I vow to start my "smiling and nodding" this morning while working at the library. Come on, "public," bring it on.