Monday, March 14, 2011

I've got this feeling, that time's just holding me down

And it has only taken me 13 years...

Some of my favorite finds from Day One of "you are too old to still have 'high school boxes'."

The ceramic plate I made for our "Fear" integrated unit place setting. We picked historical figures who we would characterize as "fearless." I thought I was so clever with my Muhammad Ali plate.
What? There's something wrong with having your junior and senior prom glasses - one that even still has the candle in it?
Probably no more persuasive evidence of the necessity of art classes in school.
As Ora Clay and I discussed in the Library a couple of weeks ago, there is absolutely nothing wrong with retelling stories of one's 5th place finish at the State Track Meet.
One of the best decisions of my life; had I not attended the Governor's Scholars Program, I probably would've never gone to Centre (and subsequently, met Caroline Dale Kraft).
And in one of the "Random" containers...
Dad brought Leigh and me back belts from one of his Oklahoma trips.

I don't pretend to be super religious, but this is one of my favorite things I found today. First page: "To Liza Marie from Mama and Daddy."
I dismantled trophies today. I can honestly remember being at Monticello's gym for both tournaments and diving after balls, running into bleachers, probably taking a few cheap shots when I had the chance. I used to be a tiny bit competitive. Glad I got over that...
In addition to bringing them down to the front yard during birthday parties, Dad would let us take our ponies, Pete and Cindy, to the fair. I'm pretty sure everybody's trophy read "1st."
I'm shocked that when I emptied these two boxes, I found five random arms. I packed my cherished teddies and birthday dolls so carefully.


  1. I, too, am shocked at the discovery of broken arms and chipped figurines. You have always been soooo careful with glass objects as well as jewelry. Seriously, wasn't it fun remembering days gone by? This reflection just reaffirms to me the person you are today. I still see a girl who remains passionate about the things she loves. You are also still competetive to be the best you can be, and that is one of the things about you I truly admire and love. By the way, I totally get the bumble bee plate representing Ali. "Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee." I see a bit of this in you.(which is a good thing)

  2. This comment was written by Liza's mom. What did I do wrong with posting this comment? Oh well, hopefully I will soon figure this computer thing out.

  3. Your response just "hit it out of the water, Mom." I love you bunches. Thank you for your give me strength.