Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yard tasks that have "wicky wacky" written all over them

It's amazing what one can get accomplished when they wake up at 3:30 am raring to go.
Started with some super important Facebooking and Lucy/Willie visiting. Made it to Mom's by 5:00 (both because I needed to feed & clean stalls and because I had no breakfast food in my house...and I'm one of those people who likes to eat when they wake up, not after coffee/stretching/shower). After a gigantic bowl of oatmeal, I did barn duty and returned home to get ready for work. Library from 9-12. Tompkinsville Wal-Mart (where I once again saw Debbie Messenger - she likes to follow me around sometimes). In between, did a few little projects...
I ordered a umbrella-style clothesline off Ebay. It shipped within 2 days. I decided today was the day to tackle it.
Got a little worried at this point.
The instructions said I needed a hole 8-10" in diameter and 20" deep. I grabbed Dad's post hole digger from the barn and my trusty hand shovel. And for the record, the instructions also said I should pour concrete, a step I chose to ignore.
Looked about 20" to me.
Since I didn't pour the concrete, I decided not to add the extension pole (it actually can stand about 3' higher than this), but I may try it out tomorrow to see how much "wiggle room" exists when the wind blows. I put gravel at the bottom of the hole, put the plastic tube in, filled around it with dirt, compacted it, added the actual rod, and then added more dirt and rocks around the base.
Hung my new flag (Ebay).
Finally took down the Christmas wreath and put up this one (borrowed from Mom).
Already had my compost pile and part of one raised bed done. Did a second bed (using landscape timbers from Browns) and finished the first one.
Plan to put down old feed sacks before filling with compost.
Took the Christmas light strands out of the front yard tree using this genius Billy Key creation (they have been up for two Christmases I think - they were here when I moved in in early December...and they were in the awfulest tangles and knots. I know, awfulest isn't a word).
I'm telling ya, genius.
Decided a bird feeder would be a good replacement.
Instead of making a rain barrel, I decided to reserve one from PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment). PRIDE is a nonprofit organization that encourages sustainable ecological, agricultural, and buying practices throughout 38 southern and eastern Kentucky counties. As stated on the website,, it "links citizens with the resources of local, state, and federal agencies to improve the region's water quality, clean up solid waste problems, and advance environmental education."

Each year, PRIDE partners with local school districts to make, paint, and sell rain barrels. Although they will not be ready until April 15, you can call 888-577-4339 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-577-4339 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to reserve one. Not only will the painting/design be really cute, but the barrels will come fully assembled, have a faucet, and be ready to attach to the gutter. I honestly can't wait to see the students' vision of PRIDE initiatives.

*Just so you know: watering lawns and gardens accounts for nearly 40% of total household water use during the summer. Rain barrels can thus save you money in addition to reducing rainwater runoff.
*Thanks Gina Shaye for bringing the latest PRIDE newsletter to the library!


  1. That was truly fascinating reading. My mind is going in circles. What a productive day (so proud of you) and we do have several bags of quickset concrete here that we do not need if you see you might want it for the clothes line.

  2. Thanks so much, Carolyn:). This probably sounds like a typical day for you and Gary. Not sure either of you or Mom really understand that when you retire, you should lay around in pajamas and watch movies all day.
    Think I will take you up on the concrete. Put the extension in today and the added height makes it "wobbly." Thank you!

  3. I went to yoga on Saturday.

  4. Just think what you could accomplish if you did sleep! (Solve all the world's problems, I think) I, too, would like a rain barrel. You need to help me with my raised beds since the existing boards are rotten. Do you charge for your work? How about a home cooked meal of your choice?

    By the way Caroline, I sat by the fire and watched ballgames on Sat. Surely this burned some calories don't you think?

  5. That's the pot calling the kettle get more accomplished in about an hour than most people do in a day.

    Hmmmm, I charge one home cooked meal, one glass of wine, one borrowed front porch swing, and a whole host of dogs gathered around our feet.
    I'd love to work on them this weekend. Maybe we fix Waffle's doghouse too.
    Love you, Mom.