Friday, July 16, 2010

The Baha Men May Have Won a Grammy, but that doesn't mean saying "Who Let the Dogs Out" is clever or funny

Lucy and Willie showing Isabella a thing or two. C'mon, admit it, this is cute.

I often hear people say, "You never know how much you'll love your kids until you have them." (I may have, in all actuality, heard that once or twice in my life; hyperbole never hurt anyone). Well, I don't know about kids, but I sure feel that way about my utterly untrained, of unknown breed, completely cost ineffective dogs, Lucy and Willie Turner. Or, as also affectionately referred: "Luce" (pronounced "loose"), "Lucy Lou," "Lucy Baby," "Willis," "Will Pickle," "Mr. Pickleton," "Pickle Sticks."

I grew up around dogs. But, these were "outside dogs." Even some of our favorites - Dottie (bet you can't guess the origin of that name), Butterscotch, Emma, Waffle - ventured in the house only when Leigh Ann, Adrienne, or I created a diversion with spilled milk or a fistfight. On the rare occasion, said distraction provided just enough time for the pup of choice to stealthily tiptoe, with reckless abandon, past the house despot. Otherwise, Jackie was having none of it. Mom didn't care that Waffle was afraid of thunderstorms or that we liked Dottie more than we liked each other.

Fast forward 20 years:
- Lucy, Willie, and Tucker (Mom and Dad's Yorkie-poo) occasionally take up too much space in the bed.
- Lucy and Willie have a permanent water bowl that attaches to the back of the passenger seat. And seat belts.
- Tucker goes to a place called "Doggone Classy" for monthly groomings. I had Lucy's teeth professionally cleaned.
- I take Lucy and Willie to puppy day care on days when Heartland is holding themed parties...Examples: "Superbowl Extravagance," "Easter Egg Hunt," "Fall Festival."
- One of my favorite Christmas pictures of all time is of Santa holding Lucy and Willie (who, naturally, are in Elf costumes).
- Tucker gets his food microwaved, allowing the expensive wet dog food to coat the also expensive, dry dog food.
- At the last vet visit, Dr. Rowland, who is one of the nicest men you can imagine, had to fuss on me a bit. Lucy had gained some weight (I shall just leave it at "some") because I had been giving her excessive homemade dog treats and table scraps (Is it still considered "scraps" if the food is in fact cooked solely for them? So I may scramble them a few eggs now and then, big deal).

Bet Dottie, Scotch, and Emma read L,W, and T's Facebook statuses and also think "oh, shut the hell up".

I truly love my dogs like they are my children. I love to see them get excited when I drive up. I love that I can fuss on them and then five minutes later, all is forgotten and they want to sit in my lap. I love that Willie gives "good Willie bites" first thing in the morning. I love that Lucy was my first dog. I love that they love Isaiah and he, them. I love that they really do seem to think of Mom and Dad as Nonna and Pa. I appreciate that they have been with me through some of the most horrible moments of my life, always cuddling with me when intuiting that I was sad or hurt. I love that they have shared most of the best moments.
This was discovered laying beside Lucy and Willie's food bowls a few days ago. I first suspected that someone had helped them with it. I then remembered how smart and capable they are.

So, today is a tribute to Lucy and Willie Turner.

It seems many of the Pillow Book followers are also "dog people." Here is Alexus and her dog, Buster. I adore these pictures.

Dessert for those trying to use up stuff in their freezer and/or refrigerator


Puff pastry crust
Peach & Strawberry preserves
Cheesecake filling of your choice (I just grabbed a recipe online)
Crushed almonds/pecans

I decided to throw this together because 1) I had a puff pastry and some cream cheese that needed to be used and 2) I had homemade peach and strawberry preserves that were too delicious not to share.

Preheat oven to 400. Spray muffin pan with non-stick spray.

I rolled out the puff pastry crust and used a pizza cutter to divide into 12 squares. I then shaped each piece into the muffin pan. Egg wash. Bake for 20 minutes or so (golden brown).

Remove crusts from pan and allow to cool. Put spoonful of preserve/jam in each cup and refrigerate.

Put together cheesecake filling and bake. (I just put mine in a buttered pie plate - no crust).

Allow cheesecake to cool. Remove pastry crusts from refrigerator. Use ice cream scoop to dollop cheesecake mixture on top of crust and preserves. Top with nuts of choice.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours (I actually put mine in the freezer for a bit).


  1. Dog people are the best kind of people. Unless one has ever had a pet, they just don't understand. Six years if you had told me that I would have a house dog, (bed-sleeping, recliner-sitting, car-riding, porch-swinging, cat-loving dog, I would have said you were crazy. Of course I have eaten my words.

    Your dessert was yummy! I think the peach was my favorite.

    By the way, I am sure that one day you will have children and hopefully will love them as much as you do Willie and Lucy. HA!

  2. That makes me think about how dogs would always follow Steve home. Dog people really are the best:). What would we do without our motley crew of puppies??
    Haha...I don't know, it will be tough;).

  3. Dog people are the best, Liza. I really enjoyed this post:) Glad both of our parents have come to realize the importance of having indoor pets. Dad actually saved Chelsea from a copperhead this week, sweeping her up into his arms. Poor Chelsea was around the days of being thrown out the front door as she just wished she could get a glimpse of inside the house:) It's funny her favorite sleep spot is on his belly while lounging in the recliner. Well, Ruby....all I can say is she's taken the place of the Brown girls. Ha. Hopefully we will love our children as much as our pets, but somedays I wonder.....

  4. 1) I love "Dr. Melissa" and "Dr. Dan"
    2) I love the thought of Joe David wearing a cape and an "S" emblazoned leotard saving the day.
    3) I love to see pets lounging in the house as though they have worked really hard that day.
    4) Tucker is right there with Ruby;)
    5) I'll try...
    Love you!