Friday, July 23, 2010

"You know what really chaps my ass though? I spent my life savings turning my van into a dog."

Usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I wake up with a pretty good idea of what I want to talk about on Pillow Book; I've been inspired by something I've read, a photo that caught my attention, a conversation of interest, or a funny memory worth sharing. Today, however, I am having a little trouble staying focused. And I'm frustrated. I want introspection and am getting awesome/unawesome lists. I crave intellectualism, yet am wearing the Single Ladies' leotard in my mind. I seek enlightenment even as I debate whether Harvey prefers dog food or bird seed. Possible topics have thus not only been fleeting, but they've been dumb. No really, I'll prove it. Here is my brainstorm list (with any graphics described in parentheses).

I promise - 1) all of this is actually written down AND, 2) I am not leaving out things that actually make sense for the sake of substantiating my "dumb" claim.
-Write on myself (followed by a sad face - He is frowning. And crying.)
-Handkerchiefs (followed by a check mark)
-Books with good acknowledgments
-FB convo about Def Leppard
-Gooty/gooty v. gootie/gootie
-Stomach noises - what are they?
-Opening curtains in the morning
-Photo caption contest
-Why I like the fair
-Napkins matter

Okay, so instead of trying to artificially manufacture some blog entry that seems meaningful or analytical, I choose to just give in. Here's your task: Try to figure out the back story behind or an explanation for as many of these as you can. C'mon, it might be fun:).

I'll get you started...


  1. Liza Turner has an alien living inside of her. That is the only way to explain the cosmic grumbles which issue from her tummy. Often she becomes inquisitive when it snarfles or snorts..."I wonder what makes those noises in your stomach?" she says. I really didn't want to tell her but I once caught the little fellow sneaking into the refrigerator late one night. So, Liza, there you have it. Now, hopefully one of these faithful readers can explain this Gooty thing to me.

  2. Liza,
    As far as your list goes, I'll just say that I agree: napkins matter. Still thinking about the rest. More importantly, I wanted to point out one of your greatest lines ever: "I crave intellectualism, yet am wearing the Single Ladies leotard in my mind." I had to copy that down on a card to add to my bulletin board of fabulous quotes. I totally get you on that one. Thanks!

  3. Andy - So, THAT'S where all the pudding cups, ice cream, and popsicles go. Finally, an explanation.

    Melissa - I think the napkin thing might actually become a blog entry soon. For some reason, I feel quite passionate about this one.
    I'm excited about making the bulletin board! If you'd like, I'll send a picture to accompany the quote:).

  4. In your picture, you should be wearing the Single Ladies leotard AND librarian glasses.

  5. Good point. I would hate for it to look tacky.