Friday, July 9, 2010

"It All Started With Two Brothers, an Old Van, and a Dream"

Anytime one feels as though they must eat their words, I suppose the first step is simply acknowledgement of wrongdoing. And so, I begin today with an admission, a cathartic explanation that will surely make me seem like the most surly 29 year old you know. ...

In the past, when I've seen people post things like "Loving Life!!!" or "I am so blessed!!!!" or "[Insert any really positive comment that also includes a heart made from a 3 and a greater-than symbol]," my immediate, though, perhaps to my credit, usually unspoken, response was "oh, shut the hell up." No, nevermind, that's mean even if I never said it.

BUT, as I sit here this morning I feel inclined to use some mathematical symbols and exclamation points. It has just been a really fun week. And thus, to make amends to all of those whom I have secretly cursed, rolled my eyes at, and wished mud thrown upon, I will do those things that I typically hate: 1) use cliche-filled sentences - This is me eating crow, finishing with humble pie, and then swallowing alongside my pride.; 2) be optimistic - A bunch more people will add to Monday's story to which only Andy, Kristi, and Mandi have contributed thus far.; 3) while pictorially describing my week, I will be sure to incorporate a bunch of grammatical marks that will most likely annoy me again next week.: ...
Early in the week, Andy and I accidentally stumbled across this jack-of-all-trades store in Columbia. I don't remember the road number, but if coming from Burkesville, go 3/4 way around the square and follow that road for about 2 miles or so. It will be on your right. If I've said "I really wish I could lift weights, buy a Jesus-themed bracelet, and eat a buffalo burger all at the same place" once, I've said it a million times. (Oh, and the food actually was fantastic - he had a buffalo slawburger and I had the grilled chicken/pepperjack/pineapple sandwich. !!!)
Every time I go in a gas station, anything with absolutely no nutritional value seems like the perfect snack - hot pockets, push-ups, honey buns, slush puppies, yoohoos, coconut donuts. When we stopped at the gas station by the Columbia Wal-Mart, however, I, for the first time, found a little treat that is both marginally good for me and super delicious. What a day. I <3 chocolate milk.
In the middle of the week, Andy and I hauled hay for a friend of his in western Kentucky. Although I grew up on a farm, never in my life have I had the pleasure of loading hay onto a wagon and then arranging said hay in a loft that is far too high for my tiny-bit-scared-of-heights sensibilities. But, you know what? I actually kind of enjoyed it. If you get a chance, go back and read Caroline's post from a few months ago about the joy of working with your hands, getting a bit dirty, and feeling like you've accomplished something. Getting paid really well and having some nice battle scars didn't hurt either (because I refused to wear long sleeves, fearful of funny tan lines. ...)

After playing lots of Wii and wasting a few hours on the Internet yesterday, we decided to preserve some stuff from his garden. A brief trip to Whipples and a good dish washing of his great grandmother's canner later, we began pickling okra and banana peppers. While this is the basic recipe that we decided to use, we did add some secret ingredients that may - because I have vowed to be super excited and optimistic - make it even more awesome than the recipe creators imagined!!!!

4 or 4 1/2 lbs. sm. okra pods
7 cloves garlic
7 hot peppers
7 tsp. dill seeds
1 qt. vinegar
1 c. water
1/2 c. pickling salt

Wash okra well. Drain and set aside. Place 1 clove garlic and 1 hot pepper into each of 7 hot sterilized pint jars. Pack jars firmly with okra, leaving 1/2 inch head space; add 1 teaspoon dill seed to each. Combine vinegar, water, and salt in a large saucepan; bring to a boil and pour over okra. Screw metal bands on tightly. Process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. Let pickles stand at least 5 weeks before opening. This is really hot. You may want to cut the amount of spices used.
And, I leave you today with a reference to Monday's blog entry. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the inspiration for a collaborative story came from Mandi Wheat and the little ditties we would create in high school English class. Well, lo and behold if Miss Wheat did not come across one of our originals. She emailed me this last night...:)

It was Freaky & Scary but Oh So Cool
Story by Senior English Class 1997/1998

(Corey Garner) It seems like it was the day before tomorrow when it all happened. It was sort of freaky and scary but oh so cool.

(Mandi Wheat) I walked home after school and unlocked the door. I walked in, sat down with a Pepsi and a bag of chips and watched the Greased Pig Channel.

(? Not sure?) As the show came on, a squiggly chill of satisfaction filled my once empty soul. The show made my toes wiggle along with my monkey shivering.

(Liza Turner) All of the sudden, Mr. Bright and Janet Jackson, dressed head to toe in flannel leotards, busted through my door and shouted Got Milk? I got really mad and told them to shut their big, fat, ugly mouths and then shot them in the elbow because they caused me to miss the ending of Run for the Roses…Greased Pig Style.

(? Not sure…Either Lindsey or Melissa…I think) After they ran off I settled down to some re-runs, of course on the best channel. (Greased Pig) I began to feel sleepy and soon I was dreaming. I was dancing like a chicken to “You can’t touch this.” It was so real the lights were flashing and I was a star!

Just for kicks:) -


  1. 1. This entry makes us seems like a really neat, cute couple. I always wanted to be one half of something like that.

    2. Whipples is the local grocery store in La Center, Ky.

    3. I <3 U!!! LOL!!! I am soooo blessed!!! LOL!!!

  2. WOW!!!!!!What a fun and productive week Liza and Andy!!!!LOL :) Seriously, sounds like a great week. :) (I love emoticon smiley faces- so sue me!)
    I love the story, I had forgotten all about us doing that. Great title, I like the Mr. Bright reference, would love to actually watch a greased pig channel, and am absolutely intrigued by the shivering monkey. Thanks for digging that up Mandy!

  3. Well, Andy beat me to it with the annoying text shorthand, but I found the largest list of text message shorthand on the interweb. I thought you could use some to spice up your blog a bit.
    And I just rediscovered the zucchini bread in my freezer...I'm sending it Monday, I promise.

  4. Lindsey - I hearby decree no shame in that - while I do hate the shorthand, I'm a big fan of emoticons (and I typically make up stuff if I don't know exactly how to express a wink or sad face). Let's hang out soon!:)!!

    Alexus - ,!!!
    That's for forgetting my zucchini bread.

  5. Loved your comment Andy and I do think you two are a cute couple.

  6. Well, excuse me! I had planned to hand deliver it to you at the zoo, but someone had to reschedule.

  7. I got so tickled reading this blog entry. I am so pleased for you because I feel as though you are in a happy place in your life right now, or so it seems. I wonder if Mandi has anymore of those stories just lying around. Maybe all of you should compile them into a book.

  8. Thanks, Mom. I am in a happy place and it's a nice feeling. I'm hoping Mandi, another classmate, or I have some lying around...I would love to put them in a book!!